A Message From Our Moderator

South Florida Progressive Baptist Association “Stronger Together”

Executive Summary


Our overall objective as outlined in our Constitution is to do the work of missionary and education, which includes the collection of the statistics and other information from the churches, the cultivation of moral acquaintance and Christian union, the organization of new churches, the aiding of the work and the spreading of the gospel principals among churches.


We must become more intentional in our work.  We must create ministering moments where we are literally training, so that we have a greater impact, in the community and in our churches.

We have done, over the years, a goodly job with our associational work.  However, once we close down the tent (following the annual 3 day tent revival right before the association,) what do we do between the off seasons; between Feb., June and Oct. gatherings, that will be impactful to those issues?  We must capitalize on the in-betweens.


If we set a theme as to the information we want to share – and do some of the work between now and February, and the months leading up to October…we can build up to our October session and in October we are putting the icing on the cake.  We must systemize what we are doing; create a new matrix.

We have our work cut out for us – We can’t do anything alone.  Yet, South Florida, I suggest that WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER. “Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.”  Ecclesiastes 4:9. We are …Stronger in the work…Stronger for our weakness…Stronger with our witness…and Stronger from the wicked.

I want to know you, and I want you to know me… we will trust each other’s gifting.  All we have to do is come together… I am only as good as the people I am serving with.  I need you to start dreaming with me.  We can be as big as we want to be if we work together.  If we believe God there is absolutely nothing we cannot do.  With God we can do all things.

In order for that to happen we must have a solid team.