About Us

pastor-brighterSouth Florida Progressive Baptist Association

As we observe the growth and development of the great forces of the world for evil, and we see need for religious education and moral ethics, we also see the need for the preaching of the gospel. We, therefore, form an Association, and for its government do hereby adopt the following:

The objective of this association shall be to do missionary and educational work. The collection of the statistics and other information from the churches, the cultivation of moral acquaintance and Christian union, the organization of new churches, the aiding of the work and the spreading of the gospel principals among churches.

The membership of this Association shall be composed of Baptist Churches in the State of Florida in “Friendly Cooperation” with South Florida Progressive Baptist Association. “Friendly Cooperation” shall be defined as: Being in sympathetic harmony with its doctrine, polity, purposes and work as it may be established and directed by the Parent Body of this Association.



The South Florida Progressive Baptist Association is a strong amalgamation of 33 churches dedicated to the work of ministry to which we are called.

The vision of our forefathers was to produce a bible based haven in the South Florida reign that would strengthen the church by providing spiritual, financial and emotional support for them. By uniting together pastors and churches would both encourage one another through the Word of God and empower one another by combining their resources. This empowerment would also allow them to make significant changes in our communities as they impart the Message of the Cross and assist with their physical needs.

Our leaders have been strong, dedicated, unwavering men of vision. Many of them holding office for more than 30 years,  and Rev. Dr. C. T. Kirkland for 14 years.  As of October 7, 2016 we are  under the leadership of Rev. Brian K. Brown.  He is a man of vision, who has opened his reign with a message of “Stronger Together.”