Health Care


Dr. LaTina Williams

Health Care Ministry Team

The ministry is intended to function as a regular standing committee of the congregation, meeting monthly to fulfill its responsibilities and functions.

The ministry should include a variety of qualified people: those who represent nursing, medicine, social work, education, community outreach, volunteer experience, nutritionist, physical therapist, retired persons, the elderly, and lay persons etc.

The size of the ministry may depend on the needs and focus of the congregation.

Roles and Responsibilities: Promote disease prevention and health promotion activities, provide support for regular church services and other special events, emergency standby and first aid during services, provide physical fitness and nutritional programs, and promote health screenings. Provide health education addressing chronic health conditions such as a diabetes, stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and cancer.

The Health Care Ministry familiarizes members about available resources and encourages members to consult with their primary care provider.

Health Care Ministry Activities

~ A list of Possible Activites~
  • Conduct blood pressure screening
  • Conduct seminar on Aging- Contact Local AARP and other aging resources
  • Designate a table to display health information
  • Establish professional relationships with a local (Dentist, Doctor(s), Educational Institutions, Funeral Directors, Law Enforcement, and Pharmacist) to serve as resources to the church
  • Flu Clinic
  • Health awareness for the youth
  • Organize a CPR class for (day care providers, health care workers, and caregivers)
  • Organize nutrition/physical exercise classes
  • Organize stress management/coping skills classes
  • Place monthly health tips in the church bulletin
  • Present a list of healthy refreshments for meetings (for other auxillaries)
  • Partner with other auxillaries
  • Partner with other local churches with health care ministries (organize a community health fair)
  • Send out get well cards
  • Smoking Cessation Class
  • Update first aid kit
  • Visit the homebound/hospitalized member
  • Wellness Fair


Emergency Tips

  1. In the event of an emergency, if the person can speak ask him/her if there is a family member at church with them. If so go get that person to provide information to the paramedics. Especially if the person is a visitor.
  2. Have a designated person to call 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency situation involving a member (fainting, bleeding of any kind, confused/dizzy person, and chest pain etc.).
  3. Have a designated person to inform the paramedics on how to gain access to a specific location in church (through an alley, fellowship hall, gated area etc.).
  4. Use gloves when in contact with all body fluids including tears (pink eye can be spreaded through tears). Also blood (unseen to the naked eye) can be in mucous therefore use gloves when throwing out used tissues.
  5. Do not give a person anything to drink if they are complaining of being faint and/or chest pain. If the person becomes uncounscious after taking in fluids, they can end up choking.
  6. Please let all ministry members know where the first aid kit is kept. Be sure that all supplies up-to-date, available and easy to access when needed (bandages, gloves, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope etc).

Sister LaTina Williams, President

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